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  • Developments | Key 2 Oak Ridges

    Key 2 Development There are many pending and proposed development applications in Richmond Hill. This page will be dedicated to keeping you informed on applications for Oak Ridges. 16 Finesse Court MMKS Holdings Inc. Approval is requested for a draft Plan of Subdivision for lands The draft Plan of Subdivision application proposes to create five (5) single detached residential lots on the lands More Info 83 & 85 Elm Grove Avenue Eugene and Marie Sturino, and Domenic and Daniela Marie Sorbara Request to amend the Zoning By-law to permit the creation of three (3) lots for single detached residential purposes on the lands. More Info

  • Community Resource | Key 2 Oak Ridges | Richmond Hill

    Welcome to Key 2 Oak Ridges A Community Resource for everything to do with Oak Ridges Key 2 Everything Oak Ridges Where to Eat? Where to Shop? Where to get a Haircut? Where are the Schools? Where are the Parks and Trails? All your questions can be answered below. Eats Key 2 Places to eat in Oak Ridges Groceries & More Key 2 Grocery stores and more in Oak Ridges Shopping Key 2 Shopping in Oak Ridges Personal Care Key 2 Personal Care services in Oak Ridges Fun Spaces & Trails Key 2 Fun Spaces and Trails in Oak Ridges Health Services Key 2 Health services in Oak Ridges Business & Services Key 2 Business and Services in Oak Ridges Education Key 2 Schools in Oak Ridges Safety & Security Follow crime data via the YRP Community Safety Maps for Oak Ridges and Richmond Hill. History of Oak Ridges What's Happening! Councillor Carol's Corner Wait There's More! Key 2 What's Happening Events happening in Oak Ridges, Richmond Hill and York Region Events Calendar Key 2 History Learn about the history of Oak Ridges. Read More Key 2 Safety & Security Explore Crime Data for Oak Ridges & Richmond Hill using the York Regional Police Community Safety Maps. View Map Key 2 Developments Keeping residents informed on development applications proposed and pending in Oak Ridges Read More Stay Tuned! Richmond Hill Ward 1 Councillor elect Carol Davidson will officially get sworn into office on November 15, 2022. Carol's City email address, phone number and website will be shared once initiated. Regular Council updates will be provided by Carol here on Key 2 Oak Ridges and on her website.

  • Key 2 Safety & Security | Key 2 Oak Ridges

    York Regional Police Community Safety Maps Crime Data YRP encourages you to visit the Community Safety Data Portal for more information about these crimes and their locations using the Community Safety Map. Please note that the data included in this summary is preliminary and is subject to change as investigations are completed. These are not official crime statistics. You can use the Community Safety Map below to search incidents in your neighbourhood. Maps are updated daily.

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Blog Posts (34)

  • Key 2 Oak Ridges is back and better than ever!

    By now you would have heard that Carol Davidson, the creator of Key 2 Oak Ridges, is now your new Ward 1 Oak Ridges Councillor. Carol will be sworn into office next week and will have her hands full getting up to speed on everything to do with the City of Richmond Hill and Council. She is thrilled to be representing all of you for the next 4 years and will be sharing her contact info once available. Key 2 Oak Ridges has become an important community resource so Marian Nalley, formerly of the Council Accountability Group (CAG), will be taking over the managing of the Key 2 OR website with continued input from Carol. One of Carol's priorities as your Councillor is to keep Oak Ridges residents informed as to Council and City happenings. She will be posting regular updates on Key as well as her Councillor website once it's active. Please take a few minutes to check out some of the new content on the Key website including an extensive calendar with events happening across York Region. There is also a new page which shows crime data for Richmond Hill from the York Regional Police Community Safety Data Portal. The chart will be updated weekly. There's lots of great content coming forward and we'll continue to keep you informed about everything Oak Ridges.

  • Taking A Break but not for too long

    Hello Neighbours, Just a quick note to let you know that I'm taking a short break from posting on Key 2 OR until after the October 24th Richmond Hill Municipal Elections. I am running in the election to become your new Ward 1 Oak Ridges Councillor. Find out more about my campaign here. Make sure to also subscribe to the Council Accountability Group (CAG) website where you will find everything that you need to know to be an informed voter. Thank you for your understanding and I hope to see you around the neighbourhood. Carol Davidson

  • Summer is Far from Over!

    Summer is far from over and you don't have to go far to enjoy it! From moonlight movies and live concerts to a Lake Wilcox geocaching adventure, there's still plenty of time to discover all the fun activities the City has to offer. Click here 9 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Staycation in Richmond Hill

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